Our all-volunteer committees are the foundation and catalyst to ensuring alignment and successes of our chapter’s strategic plan. Committee Chairs and its members take pride in representing the chapter’s common interests of our Professional and Associate members in promoting membership growth, and service to our valued communities. Committee characteristics include:
  • Effective, focused, committed
  • Defined purpose and objectives
  • Committee integration (collaboration across committees)
  • Enriched participation with common interests
  • Learning environment with progressive thinking promoting new ideas
  • Value added and aid to the Board of Directors
  • Strategically driven for transformational change
  • Balance of internal and external service driven
  • Fun and rewarding
Please check out the individual Committee and find your place in the San Antonio Chapter. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Committee Chair.

The IFMA-San Antonio Membership committee is responsible for the membership aspects of the chapter.  We focus on recruitment and retention along with always looking for ways to enhance the benefits of membership.  Committee members work diligently to make new members feel welcome as well as continue to promote IFMA to potential new members.

Michelle Bolt
Membership Chair
(210) 253-3066 

Act as a liaison between the San Antonio Chapter, and its members by leveraging technology to educate, enlighten and inspire. 
To be the authoritative source on chapter information and provide engagement opportunities for the chapter and its members.

Dan Sanchez
Communication Chair
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The Professional Development committee has been created to provide chapter members with learning and studying opportunities for the advancement of Facilities knowledge.  Members are encouraged to attend study groups to prepare for Credential examinations.  The Professional Development committee aligns with the chapter’s strategic plan by providing opportunities for professional growth. 

Jennifer Ruiz
Professional Development Chair
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The Programs Committee plans our monthly chapter programs. The primary goal of this committee is to address the educational needs of our professional members through monthly presentations where members learn best practices in Facilities Management.  This committee meets monthly to brainstorm current events, new practices, and interesting ideas in order to provide fresh topics for each monthly meeting.  We love to welcome new members to the Programs Committee. We appreciate diversity in ideas, interests, and experience because we strive to provide a broad spectrum of meeting topics. 

Laurie Montgomery
Programs Chair
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The Special Programs Committee is designed to organize, promote, coordinate and provide an atmosphere that encourages social interaction and networking opportunities at our Annual Holiday Awards Gala and professional development at our Annual Board Retreat. This committee also works closely with other committees and offers support for any of our chapter sponsored events throughout the year.

Stephanie Rainbow
Special Programs Chair
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IFMA Cares is the San Antonio chapter's community service committee.  The IFMA Cares committee demonstrates social responsibility by giving back to the community through restoration projects for various nonprofit organizations. IFMA Cares organizes philanthropic activities in which committee and general members can participate throughout the year. IFMA Cares is:
Community        Action     Results    Excellence       Service

Brad Bauserman
IFMA Cares Chair
(210) 557-2097
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The Awards Committee is charged with establishing the criteria and tallying the results for the chapter’s awards and coordinating the purchase of the accolades presented at the Annual Awards Gala.  When the Chapter has an idea for the Awards of Excellence, this chapter will coordinate the composition, editing, and submission to IFMA adhering to established criteria and timelines.

Robert Mosher
Awards Chair
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The Golf Committee has been created to coordinate the chapter’s annual Golf Tournament.  The Golf Tournament is a friendly combination of fun and sport that aligns with the chapter’s strategic plan to strengthen Chapter Membership and to promote Facility Management as a degree program.  Funds raised at the event are allocated to the chapter’s student endowments, the credentialing of chapter members, and Outreach projects. Details on the 2019 Golf Classic,TBD.

Josh Dowling
Golf Tournament Chair
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The Casino Night Committee has been created to coordinate the chapter’s annual Casino Night.  This fun-filled event is aligned with the chapter’s strategic plan to provide opportunities for professional growth and to promote facility management as a degree program.  Funds raised at the event are allocated to the chapter’s scholarship fund and the credentialing of chapter members.   Click here for more details.  

Eddie Fischer
Casino Night Chair
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